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Exod BAY15D-19 - CAN-BUS LED

6.528 Ft
Can-Bus LED, Fehér fényű, BAY15D P21/5W Foglalat, 2 db LED / Blister
Cikkszám: 994T
Szigetszentmiklós raktár: SZÁLLÍTÁS FOLYAMATBAN
Várható szállítás: 2023. június 12.
Szállítási díj: 1.789 Ft

6.528 Ft


The EXOD BAY15D W type LED is equipped with an SMD 5050 diode. Correct placement of the diode ensures optimal light distribution. Due to the strong light emission, the usability of this type is almost unlimited, for example, it works excellently as luggage compartment, passenger compartment, exit light.

- designation: BaY15D
- emitted light color: White (5000K - 6000K)
- socket type: P21/5W
- diode type: SMD5050
- Number of LEDs: 19xSMD
- power: 9.5 W
- voltage: 12 V
- Can-bus: Yes

Product data:
- total length: mm
- diameter: mm
- weight: 0.036 kg

LED packaging:
- blister
- 2 LEDs / package

Product warranty, according to the conditions specified in the relevant legislation!