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Nappali menetfény szett, 4 db LED, 9V-16V - DRL 905 HP - Nappali menetfény

20.239 Ft
Nappali LED menetfény szett, vezérlő elektronika
Cikkszám: 1042T
Szigetszentmiklós raktár: Raktáron több darab
Várható szállítás: 2024. május 29.
Szállítási díj: 1.990 Ft
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20.239 Ft


By using Daytime Running Light, we can avoid the unnecessary use of headlights, thereby reducing the number of electrical consumers.

- 4 LEDs per side
- Operating voltage: 9V - 16V
- Long life
- Low current consumption
- Fastening with a screw
- Simple, easy installation

Width: 125 mm
Height: 25 mm
Depth: 30 mm

5/1990. (IV. 12.) KöHÉM decree
on the technical inspection of road vehicles

§ 2. (3) It does not qualify as conversion
a) the installation of an accessory on the vehicle, the installation of which is prescribed or permitted by the Decree on the Technical Conditions for the Placement and Maintenance of Road Vehicles8 (hereinafter: MR);

6/1990. (IV. 12.) KöHÉM decree
on the technical conditions for putting road vehicles into service and keeping them in service
Operational technical conditions for the application and operation of lighting and light signaling equipment
§ 37. (1)116 Only the type, color, location and quantity of lighting and light signaling equipment prescribed or allowed by the regulation may be used on the vehicle.

Operating technical conditions for daytime running lights
55/A. §126 (1) The car may be equipped with two daytime running lights emitting light in the direction of travel.
(2) Daytime running lights may only emit colorless (white) light.
Additional technical conditions for the daytime running light
55/B. §128 (1) Only daytime running lights with an approval mark may be installed on the vehicle.
(2) Daytime running lights must be placed on the vehicle as follows:
a) the lower edge of the illuminated surface cannot be closer than 0.25 meters to the level of the road surface and no further than 1.50 meters from it;
b) the outer edge of the illuminated surface must not be more than 0.40 meters away from the outermost point of the car, the inner edges of the illuminated surface of the lights on different sides cannot be closer than 0.60 meters to each other, however, on a car whose total width does not reach 1, 3 meters, the smallest distance between the inner edges can be reduced to 0.40 meters.
(3)129 The electrical connection of the daytime running lights must be such that the light switches on automatically when the engine starter switch is in the ready-to-start state, but - except for the case according to § 42, paragraph (5) - automatically switches off when the headlights are turned on.

1/1975. (II. 5.) KPM-BM joint decree
on road traffic rules
II. chapter
Lighting of vehicles
Lighting of vehicles in traffic

§ 44. (8)279 On a road outside a residential area, a car in traffic must be illuminated with daytime running lights or dipped headlights, an agricultural tractor and a slow vehicle equipped with dipped headlights - with dipped headlights - during the day and in good visibility conditions.

UN-ECE Regulation No. 87


This Regulation applies to the daytime running lights of vehicles belonging to categories L, M, N and T.
For the purposes of this Regulation:
2.1.Daytime running light "means a light facing forward in the direction of travel, the purpose of which is to make the vehicle more visible during daytime driving.

5.2. Composition of the approval mark
The approval mark consists of the following parts:
5.2.1. the international approval mark, which: a circle that surrounds the letter "E" followed by the number of the approving country; the approval number, "RL" additional sign.
5.2.3. The first two digits of the approval number, which indicate the serial number of the amendments in force at the time of the approval, can be placed in the immediate vicinity of the above additional signs. if it has been determined that group, combined or reciprocally integrated lamps meet the requirements of several Regulations, only one international approval mark may be used, the parts of which are: a circle surrounding the letter "E" followed by the distinguishing number of the country issuing the approval and an approval number. This approval mark may be placed anywhere on grouped, combined or integrated lamps, provided that it should be clearly visible even after the lights have been installed; no part of the light-transmitting surface of grouped, combined or integrated lamps can be removed without removing the approval mark at the same time.

Product warranty, according to the conditions specified in the relevant legislation!


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